Four things to-do while in quarantine that will also teach you self love!

I want to start off by saying I hope everyone is staying safe in these unprecedented times. As many of you know many organizations and businesses around many parts of the world have been shut down. Many businesses entities have asked their employees to work from home to contain and curb the spread of COVID-19. Schools have also been shut down and students have been asked to follow further guidelines offered by the learning institutions from home. This has been done to further reduce the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-isolation and staying at home can be disorientating and challenging experience especially for those who spend most of the time outside the house. However, I wanted to share some activities that anyone can begin to do during this quarantine time that will not only teach you a new skill but also teach you to love yourself more!

1. Indoor exercises and workouts

Trying out some indoor physical exercises and works outs at home are very vital for helping you stay fit and in good shape. In case you lack the self-motivation to do the work out exercises, there are plenty of online tutorials that can drastically help you do the exercises easily and efficiently. There are also plenty of channels and online resources that can incredibly assist you to do the exercises conveniently. You can also take online yoga classes that will help you master the proper poses and postures. Some of our favorite youtube exercise videos! 



2. Learn a new musical instrument

Learning and practicing how to play a new musical instrument is important during this time at home. Practicing and learning how to play a new instrument will help in improving your productivity and enhancing your skills. Learning to play an instrument is also fun, exciting and a creative way to keep yourself entertained. Mastering the art of playing the guitar, drum or piano is also a great way to keep you and close members of your family entertained during this quarantine time. Improving your singing skills is also a great way to keep yourself entertained. You can sing or play an instrument and share it online for your family and friends to enjoy. And once this is over you have the bragging rights to tell everyone you can play a new musical instrument. 

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 Meditation is vital to be mindful, developing positive thinking and positive energy during the quarantine period. Meditation and being mindful of your surroundings is essential for developing peace of mind during uncertain moments. Thus, self-care and being mindful during this self-isolation period is very significant. A way of beginning meditation is looking for a quiet place, relax and light up some candles. After that, clear your mind with some meditation coloring book or some therapeutic meditation songs or music. I'll be honest when this first pandemic started I was depressed and just didn't like that I had this fear inside of me couldn't control. And as someone who has medical problems as a 26-year-old it's definitely a scary time to be in; however, as a started to just meditate just to sit on my bed and release my mind and think positively and that really helped me be more productive and helped me love myself because fear shouldn't consume you.   

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4.Master your cooking skills

One of the challenges of staying at home during this quarantine is that you can't eat at your favorite restaurant. Trust me improbably the saddest person about this! Self-isolation also means that you can order food and I fully recommend everyone to support your local restaurants! However, this also means that you can work on your cooking skills! I started cooking when I was little and this way I really learned to have a healthy relationship with food. Now I think its a great opportunity to start to learn how to cook. Learning to feed your body well is important! 

*Let me know if you want me to share any cooking recipes I've been cooking way too much* 


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Stay safe and I can't want to see you all soon at our next event!