Mona skirt


Our MONA skirt is made from 100% silk charmeuse. It is handmade in Chicago, IL. This skirt is designed to be worn multi-ways! You can wear it on the red side or the black side. It only one seam and that is for the zipper. The 20-inch zipper was customed made for this skirt specifically because it is reversible and it's two-way! So if you want a longer slit you can just unzip it a bit! The sizes it comes in are from 2-28.


  • To be worn either on the red or black side 
  • 100% Silk charmeuse 
  • 20 inch two-way/reversible zipper 
  • 12 inch "slit" below the zipper 
  • One seam 
  • Sizes 2-28